Business Consulting Consulting for Radical and Evolutionary Business Change

New market conditions are requiring a change of direction in business strategy. As part of this transformation, companies are having to reposition and realign themselves. Transformation in the business model and the opening up of new market segments are bringing changes to business processes, organisational procedures and the demands placed on staff and technology.

Using appropriate analysis and scenario methodology, we determine how you can achieve improved and stable business processes in the course of such company transformation using sophisticated, standardised techniques. With this as a starting point, we are able to plan technology migration paths that do not impact ongoing business by taking special account of risk & health management.

Technological innovation always brings changes for people. We therefore take great care in designing solutions for HR management. We define staff requirements and internal working processes, implement a detailed system of rights management and develop training concepts that prepare staff for the technical workflows of tomorrow. 

Qvest Media Business Consulting can support you in the broadcast IT environment, for example with the following topics:

  • Ex-ante business process analysis
  • Modelling and documentation of requirements based on tried-and-tested, standardised data collection and documentation methods
  • Analysis and definition of use cases
  • Change Management as part of technology transformation
  • Benchmarking of “market best practice” models
  • Definition and structuring of business processes
  • Development of technical operating models
  • Representation and notation of business processes and workflows in standardised languages (UML / BPMN)
  • Process optimisation and process management
  • HR management consulting
  • Rights management, broadcast management
  • Preparation of training concepts for broadcasting and media operations

Cases & Projects

Top-class Technology for Top-class Sport

Top-class Technology for Top-class Sport

Only the best for top-class sport – we set up one of the world's largest media centres for processing, producing and distributing live sports for Arab sports broadcaster beIN SPORTS at the Doha campus. Learn more »

The Television of the Future

The Television of the Future

How will television be made for the second screen generation? We implemented the technical infrastructure between web & TV for youth broadcaster joiz. joiz has now positioned itself completely as a web TV broadcaster. Learn more »

High-tech Broadcasting Centre for MediaCorp

High-tech Broadcasting Centre for MediaCorp

MediaCorp is relocating its broadcasting centre. Specialist teams from Qvest Media are responsible for project-related consulting and integration-related technology planning and implementation of the entire high-tech infrastructure. Learn more »

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Consulting Approach

Media Consulting & Development's focus is at the confluence of business, technology, operations and development. Thanks to our past, we know the specific requirements and processes of broadcasting, telecommunications and media providers like the back of our hand. We can translate prevailing mega-trends and the media business processes associated with them into technical structures and workflows like no other technology consultancy in the world. Learn more »

Operational Consulting

We put ourselves in your position as best we can and from this we develop recommendations for actions in terms of technology, organisation and staff. Concentrating on broadcast IT and media business processes gives us a clear focus and the expertise to systematically analyse technical and organisational business processes that change as a result of a transformation. Learn more »

Technology Consulting

We specialise in developing well-engineered systems design, efficient business processes and viable operating models. In this way, we create the perfect base for subsequent integration services. Learn more »


The use of software nowadays makes it possible to conveniently map most business and production processes. We find the solution tailored to your requirements - be it a customised software, standard or SaaS solution. We also specialise in integrating cloud-based software solutions and platforms into existing IT infrastructures. Learn more »

Consultancy Services

Our consulting and development services at a glance: In our consulting matrices you will find details on our extensive and all-inclusive support and assistance for your technology projects. Learn more »