Qvest Media Development Advanced Solutions for Digital Media Transformation

The use of software nowadays makes it possible to conveniently map most business and production processes. However, careful consideration should be given to the choice of software models and solutions to be used before an investment decision is made.

Qvest Media can support you in the decision-making process. We have extensive knowledge of the software landscape in the area of broadcasting and media and are therefore able to put together an appropriate portfolio of software based on your expectations and processes. We will show you whether the desired results can be achieved using standard software solutions, where modifications and connectors are required for cross-system networking and where it is technically and commercially worthwhile to have customised applications developed. We will also provide extensive advice on the appropriate architecture and in this way develop an overall solution for your media processes tailored to your requirements. In the process, we take a close look at a broad range of software topics and models:

  • Content management systems
  • Rights management & ad sales software
  • Device and network management
  • Customised software
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Cloud-based solutions (also as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • Software connectors & APIs
  • Software layer systems such as enterprise service bus (ESB)
  • GUI & UX development
  • Modern web-based architectures
  • Proprietary vs. OSS solutions

Connecting Systems Our Services in the Development Process

Achieving interoperability between systems at different technology layers is one of our core tasks in the development field. We also specialise in integrating cloud-based software solutions and platforms into existing IT infrastructures. The use of existing or specially developed APIs, connectors and enterprise service bus architectures enables us to connect new kinds of applications with each other and transform them into seamlessly integrated and automated systems. Here our project teams of solutions architects and software developers make use of modern development and procedural methodologies such as test-driven development (TDD) and SCRUM. They involve you closely in every stage of development, informing you about project progress and giving you the opportunity to make your own influential contribution.

Our consulting and development portfolio includes:

  • Requirements analysis and interface definition
  • Software consulting, market analysis and software selection
  • Support for software implementation projects
  • Development of software concepts for cross-system functionality
  • Management of vendors involved in the development process
  • Inclusion of external development to close missing links
  • Development of connectors, interfaces, APIs, software packages and applications
  • Advanced methodologies such as TDD & agile project management (SCRUM)
  • Software development life cycle

Cases & Projects

Breaking News for the Gulf Region

Breaking News for the Gulf Region

Al Arab is one of the youngest news channels in the Gulf region. Qvest Media was awarded the contract as systems integrator in charge of implementing the broadcaster's entire production and broadcasting infrastructure. Learn more »

Newsroom System for more than 40 Journalists

Newsroom System for more than 40 Journalists

Al Jazeera commissioned us to set up a news channel in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, in order to extend its international news network. Learn more »

Risk Management Network Infrastructure

Risk Management Network Infrastructure

Rapid growth can push existing infrastructures to their limits. Al Rayyan therefore entrusted us with the analysis and evaluation of its network architecture in order to develop a migration plan for switching all existing systems. Learn more »

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Consulting Approach

Media Consulting & Development's focus is at the confluence of business, technology, operations and development. Thanks to our past, we know the specific requirements and processes of broadcasting, telecommunications and media providers like the back of our hand. We can translate prevailing mega-trends and the media business processes associated with them into technical structures and workflows like no other technology consultancy in the world. Learn more »

Business Consulting

Manage your business – Qvest Media Business Consulting will assist you in defining broadcast management systems alongside their interaction and integration in existing and future business processes. Learn more »

Operational Consulting

We put ourselves in your position as best we can and from this we develop recommendations for actions in terms of technology, organisation and staff. Concentrating on broadcast IT and media business processes gives us a clear focus and the expertise to systematically analyse technical and organisational business processes that change as a result of a transformation. Learn more »

Technology Consulting

We specialise in developing well-engineered systems design, efficient business processes and viable operating models. In this way, we create the perfect base for subsequent integration services. Learn more »

Consultancy Services

Our consulting and development services at a glance: In our consulting matrices you will find details on our extensive and all-inclusive support and assistance for your technology projects. Learn more »