Managed Technology Solutions Individual Packaged Offers For All Of Your Demands

Media companies need to keep up with the growing complexity, volumes and new media business models entering the markets. With Managed Technology, Qvest Media manages the technical systems, applications and IT processes including the respective infrastructure and data centres. The following portfolio only represents a few of our digital possibilities.

Benefit from manageable operational costs but also increased flexibility to adjust to new trends and threats of the media landscape. As we take over the management of complex technology, including the possibility to add and remove services based on business requirements, our customers gain necessary capacities to reduce time-to-market for new products and services. 

Managed Ad-Sales

Significant shifts in media consumption, faster cycle times for ad-formats and new players entering the marketplace demand the development of new strategies. Qvest Media advises media companies on how to create and deliver cross-platform advertising packages, redesign sales operations and to run and improve ad-sales technology.

Managed Transcoding

From media transcoding at your premises to transcoding in the cloud, Qvest Media is able to convert media files from their source format into versions that will playback on portable devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Broadcast IT & IT Security

The digital transformation comes with a flood of media content from external sources as well as an higher demand of IT security which also involves the management of additional costs and compliance. Qvest Media offers a Managed Data Security Services, so that media companies do not need to worry about protecting their content against the ever-boosting security threats of the landscape.

Managed Event Equipment

By combining our rental business with our technical support service, we are able to provide media companies with the technology for dedicated events together with the operational support to design and scale solutions. Furthermore, we consider services like Managed Archive Solution, Managed Content Distribution, Managed Media Asset Management and Managed Post Production to be adequate to be encapsulated. Together with our customers, we can define the service parameters based on availability, throughput, volume, duration etc. to create this tailor-made service using an OpEx model.

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Transforming Media Landscape

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Managed Business Operations

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Service Offering

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