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When you choose Qvest Media, you choose the leading full-service rental provider in the live broadcasting segment. Our rental pool ranges from camera equipment and camera systems (HD, 2K/4K), ENG and studio equipment, file-based production solutions, playout servers and signal distribution to IP systems for remote and cloud-based live broadcasting.

Dry Hire vs. Mobile Rental Systems

In our rental business we distinguish between dry hire for daily operations and special solutions as mobile rental systems for deployment at major sports events, shows and concerts. Both areas have one thing in common – they are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers such as producers, TV stations and event organisers.

Dry-Hire Rental Services

  • Rental portfolio with over 2,000 dry hire articles
  • Constant renewal of the equipment pool
  • FlexiRent for different rental periods
  • Immediate collection and express delivery on the next business day
  • Quality checks before release of goods
  • 24/7 rental return for dry hire equipment
  • Optional extra of Qvest Media Priority Support e.g. for additional equipment and replacement service
  • Regular sale of delisted rental articles
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Services for Mobile Rental Systems

  • Design & planning of mobile systems solutions by our Solutions and Systems Integration units
  • Implementation of complete file-based production platforms and/or supplement to existing structures
  • Flexible forms of contract possible
  • Support from a fixed project manager
  • Commissioning at deployment location
  • Technical service & on-site support
  • International logistics, customs clearance and project management
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Rental Solutions

Dry Hire
Fly-away Systems
Mobile Live Production
Tailored Solutions
Playout Systems
File-based Production

Rental Services

Technical Support
Maintained Equipment
Back-up Service
24/7 Return Service
Rental Stock Sale

Field of use

Major Sports Events
Sports Leagues
Music & Events
TV Production
News & Conferences

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Service & Support

Qvest Media Managed Service & Support adapts to exactly match our customers' requirements, providing the required inter-company and cross-functional scalability. This is how we safeguard business success in broadcasting and media companies thanks to the maximum availability of IT- and AV-based systems. Learn more »

Managed Business Operations

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