Design. Build. Services. Combining Media Technology, Systems Integration and Customer Care and Service

Our customers expect a full-service provider who works at the interface between the areas of technology, management, processes and applications and transforms the growing complexity of today’s broadcast projects into manageable systems.  Qvest Media Managed Technology spans an umbrella from technology infrastructure to services and operations offered within a streamlined payment model. 

Our business is based on three main pillars, namely Design, Build and Services. They combine our high level technical expertise as solution architect, comprehensive customer care and service and professional support on the management and operational level for our customer’s technical infrastructures.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Focus on your creativity and core competencies
  • Better monetise your business
  • Financial flexibility: Shift CapEx investments to OpEx expenditures
  • Rely on Qvest Media’s global support
  • Profit from our process excellence and operational experience
  • Transition to fully file-based workflows and All-IP infrastructures
  • Optimise your system landscape at clearly defined costs and minimal risks

Financial and Technological Flexibility

Our Managed Technology services are designed to meet our customers’ demands and system readiness. No matter what requires additional infrastructure with accommodating services – a special occasion, increased data volume or a new service – Qvest Media has the right service and payment method available. We design flexible billing methods to turn your customers CapEx (Capital Expenditures) into OpEx (Operational Expenditures).

We aim to enable media companies to add services to their production value chain whenever the business requires it. It is our goal to optimise the planning capabilities of your resources. We provide you with the evaluation of the right technology, the integration into your system as well as the know-how on how to maintain the technology. Using a straightforward service model, we offer temporary online channels, content distribution, production capacities for mega events or to eliminate peak load times – ensuring that the required services are available to a given time with the pre-defined parameters. 

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