Driving Forces for Managed Technology

Shorter technology life cycles, evolvement of disruptive technologies, growing competition and system complexity drive media companies to rethink and adapt their own business models. Qvest Media supports media organisations along their entire digital transformation process through Managed Technology.


  Technology life cycles are getting shorter as new applications demand additional network, storage and processor capacities as well as new ways to replace and re-use infrastructure. However, seizing and optimisation of technology consumes time and resources. 

Qvest Media defines services and requirements instead of infrastructure, so that media companies can better focus on their business and core competencies – whether it is content production, qualification, selection, distribution or monetisation. 

  • Merging IT and AV 
  • OTT and VoD platform 
  • Cloud computing & virtualization
  • IP-based networking
  • Growing number of devices and update cycles
  • Call for hybrid solution on content production
  • Increasing security standards


  With digital transformation and changing consumer viewing behaviour on the rise, new players with flexible business models enter the broadcast market. Traditional broadcasters are forced to adapt to open platforms with new distribution channels. Every traditional media company has to constantly rethink its own business model in order to address upcoming competition.

  • Growing speed of innovation
  • New competitors 
  • Changing media consumption behavior
  • Geographical market expansion
  • Scalability of capacity
  • Changing demand for content distribution


  The upside of modern technology: Systems are increasingly interconnected, more intelligent and automated. This helps media companies to be more efficient in the production and distribution of content. Qvest Media makes sure that technology and systems work reliably at all times and manages and monitors required system updates – keeping system downtimes and disruptions to a minimum.

  • Increase time-to-market
  • Pressure on costs for operation
  • Growing system complexity
  • Increasing compliance and regulation
  • Utilization of technical staff
  • Scarcity of technical resources

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