Avid S6 Configurator by Qvest MediaCustomise your S6 console in four steps

Avid S6® is a modular, ergonomically designed control surface for Avid Pro Tools® and EUCON-compatible
digital audio workstations (DAWs). S6 uses the EUCON Ethernet protocol to provide fast, reliable data transmission. S6 is flexible and scalable. Modules can be arranged in many ways, and can be added to address new workflows or increase the number of strips.

S6 is tightly integrated with all EUCON-compatible DAWs, providing access to many key commands, menu items, and controls. The Master Module and Automation Module each have editable Soft Keys that offer single-switch access to automation, editing, session management, and other commands.

S6 provides substantial visual feedback to let you quickly identify tracks and their functions. Each strip inherits its color from the audio application (if assigned), and module controls light in different colors for each function. Display Modules can display high-resolution, multichannel colored meters, waveforms, automation data, and functions.

Avid S6 modules

S6 systems can include various types of modules. Additional accessories like keyboards and further control elements are also available from third party suppliers.

  • Master Module – This is the central hub for S6 operations. It uses a touchscreen and other controls to let you select, mute, solo, enable record and input, and edit track functions. All S6 configurations must have one Master Module. The Master Module displays the Home, Tracks, Monitoring, and Settings Screens, and provides knobs, switches, and a touchscreen that let you configure and manage your system, navigate through your session’s tracks, and perform many recording, monitoring, routing, and mixing tasks
  • Automation Module – This module includes Transport Controls, Jog/Shuttle Wheel, Attention Track Fader, and other controls
  • Fader Module – Each of its eight strips has a motorized fader, meter, mute, solo, automation and other switches, an Attention key, and a display
  • Process Module – Each of its eight strips has one knob section with a display, and multiple function switches
  • Display Module – Each of its eight strips can display metering, editable waveforms, and other functions. Display Modules can also be configured as Master Meter Modules
  • Joystick Module –The Joystick Module provides two touch-sensitive joysticks, a central pan display, dedicated panning mode switches, and other displays and controls
  • Knob Module –Each of its eight strips has four knob sections with displays

Configure your Avid S6 console

Create your individual configuration for an Avid S6 console with our "Avid S6 configurator" in four simple steps:

  • Define your required frame size
  • Place the Master Touch Module (MTM) via drag and drop at the desired position on the frame; Follow the advice in the info box
  • Configure the console to meet your requirements by dragging and dropping the various modules (fader, knobs, process etc.) at the desired position on the frame
  • Send us your individual configuration and we will create a free and non-binding quotation for you

S6 consulting and system integration from the specialist

Do you wish further and non-binding information about Avid Pro Tools | S6? Get in touch with our audio specialists for independent consultancy for your project and for assisting in your S6 system implementation.

 Qvest Media Audio tech team



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