Save the drama for your mama; we are here to playLive production with Simplylive

Clear foul or skilful dive? Gripping scene or controversial tackle? Confidently cleared or red card? Every detail is visible with Simplylive – the game changer in live production. The live production solution from Simplylive offers maximum user comfort and scalability for efficient production processes. Typical functions such as slomo, replay, live streaming and editing highlights can be carried out using the intuitive touch screen. In addition to the unique operating concept, Simplylive has raised the bar when it comes to performance. The newcomer introduced the world’s first all-in-one 6 channel 4K slow-motion server at IBC 2017.

With Simplylive, you can set up live infrastructures as remote productions in no time and automate workflows. This reduces production costs and centralises the live operation to one location. 

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Next-gen live production with Simplylive

Live production system with 6, 8 or 16 channels

Simplylive’s main product is the ViBox® all-in-one live production solution, which comes in three versions with 6, 8 or 16 channels. The ViBox is typically used for broadcasting sport or events live. The ViBox clearly reflects the corporate philosophy by breaking conventional approaches, provided this serves user-friendliness and increased performance.

For example, with the ViBox, the user controls everything via touchscreen. The ViBox 4K is also the world’s first all-in-one 6 channel 4K slow-motion server. In addition to the ViBox, Simplylive provides systems for replays and live streaming, referee and medical review systems, as well as ingest and play-out servers. The entire product portfolio can also be found on the Simplylive website:

Simplylive consultation and personal demonstration

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Qvest Media ViBox 8 Live Producer Package

We have put together a live producer package for current live production based on the ViBox 8. The package is essentially made up of a ViBox 8 live video server system, two operator touch screens for editing and slow motion as well as an audio mixer. The ViBox 8 is also available as a 4K slow-motion server. Other custom configurations and ViBox versions (ViBox 6 & ViBox 16) are also available. Contact us for a personal consultation; we will be happy to help. 

Main features:

  • Video mixer
  • Audio mixer
  • Replays & highlights
  • Live graphics over NDI protocol
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Super slow-motion recording
  • Live streaming
  • Remote production

Technical Details Video:

  • Inputs/outputs: 7-1, 6-2, 5-3, 4-4
  • SDI and IP inputs
  • 15 TB for more than 200 hours of HD material
  • 4HE rack unit 


  • 1x 27” touchscreen for editor/vision mixer
  • 1x 27” touchscreen for slomo operator

Audio interface:

  • 16x XLR in/2x TRS line in/2x XLR main out/6x XLR AUX out
  • 1x TRS headphone out
  • 3HE rack unit