Mobile Rental Systems Working on behalf of Networked Productions around the World

Mobile Studios and video production, ENG units, control rooms, editing suites, playout servers, file-based production platforms, cloud-based and remote systems – Qvest Media plays a prominent role as technical equipment supplier for international events in the fields of sports, shows and entertainment. Continuous investment in leading-edge broadcasting, production and media equipment enables us to tailor production environments to individual requirements. The design and planning of such mobile rental systems is performed in close collaboration between our Solutions business and expert planners from Qvest Media Systems Integration.


Flypack-Systems – At Home around the World

Designed for rapid deployment, pre-installed flypack systems can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world and, being plug & play, can be put into operation immediately. Thanks to their modular construction, the systems can be scaled and configured for special production environments in the planning stage. In this way, direction units can be set up as a temporary broadcasting centre for full-blown live transmissions. Our flypack systems are intended for events with changing venues such as concert tours, motor sports and tennis, world cup events in golf and winter sports or promotional tours.

File-based Production for Lean and Flexible Data Management

File-based systems are part of the standard repertoire of modern TV production systems. However, you cannot just take what works at fixed locations as a blueprint for temporary installations for live transmissions. Unlike fixed installations, temporary installations are subject to their own laws – special requirements of the host broadcaster, restrictions imposed by international broadcast centres and technical operating centres, structural conditions, fluctuating environmental and climate-related factors and, last but not least, the event organiser’s deadlines, all mean that the setting up and commissioning of mobile, file-based production takes place in its own special microcosm.

Qvest Media understands how to manage all these constraints. We install production platforms on location that, in terms of standardised workflow, asset management, editing capacity and recovery features, are the technological equal of any fixed installation.

IP-based Remote Production

Solutions for IP-based remote productions are gaining increasing significance. Internet bandwidths are growing, compression techniques are becoming more efficient and standards for IP-based live streaming are establishing themselves. This opens up completely new possibilities for broadcasters and event organisers to realise live transmissions using remote-controlled and cloud-based solutions. Qvest Media identified this trend early on and entered into successful partnerships for live remote solutions. Our shareholding in, a cloud-based live broadcasting solution, means that we can offer enterprise solutions which can be used to seamlessly model mobile live productions.

Services for Mobile Rental Systems

Commercial and Technical Planning
Design & planning of mobile systems solutions by our Solutions and Systems Integration units.

Flexible Forms of Contract
We develop contracts with service packages that cover the individual requirements and needs of your mobile rental system.

Supporting Project Management
Your commission will be supported from start to finish by a project manager who is your fixed point of contact for all questions.

International Logistics and Customs Clearance
We assume responsibility for managing all international transportation – packaging and loading of equipment, transport planning, shipment, air freight, customs clearance and delivery to the destinations

On-site Support Crew
We perform system integration at the location and can provide a support crew to look after the equipment during the event on request. 

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