Erfahren Sie mehr über Qvest.Cloud auf der diesjährigen BroadcastAsia 2019.

BroadcastAsia 2019: Learn more about Qvest.Cloud!June 18 - 20 2019 | Suntec Singapore | Booth #6N2-08

Qvest.Cloud is the first multicloud management platform for media that radically simplifies the shift to fully integrated multicloud architectures.

Join our product experts at this year's BroadcastAsia as they showcase

  • Qvest.Cloud Go! – our product line-up with pre-configured and ready-to-use solutions for cloud-based productions and media systems!

  • Qvest.Cloud Ultimate – our enterprise solution to map entire media infrastructures and applications with end-to-end workflows based on multicloud, on-premise or hybrid architecture models!

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Meet Strive Technology at our booth #6N2-08!

Strive Technology, a progress-driven provider of global P2P video delivery software and member of our Qvest.Cloud partner ecosystem, will join us at our booth #6N2-08 to share their latest achievements and product features.

Visit Strive Technology's website to find out, what they will present and arrange a meeting.

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Qvest.Cloud Go! Ready-to-use Packages

Qvest.Cloud Go! are ready-to-use packages for popular media tasks.

Make use of Qvest.Cloud Go! and start your cloud-based media production and distribution without wasting time.

Qvest.Cloud Go! packages are ready-to-use and pre-configured with cloud applications from leading manufacturers for popular media tasks.

The first Qvest.Cloud Go! packages will be Q.Live (live event production), Q.Create (post-production), Q.Store (archiving), Q.Safe (disaster recovery), and Q.Air (channel playout). More than 30 partner applications are currently already being orchestrated in these products.

Meet us at our booth #6N2-08 and get a live demonstration of Qvest.Cloud Go!.

Qvest.Cloud Ultimate Enterprise architecture solution

Qvest.Cloud Ultimate opens the pathway to the ecosystem of the future.

Qvest.Cloud Ultimate opens the pathway to the ecosystem of the future.

Map your media infrastructure with individual end-to-end workflows. Based on core services like orchestration, automation, monitoring and measuring, media architectures can be implemented and continually managed as multicloud, on-premise or hybrid models. Select from fully implemented applications and benefit furthermore from the possibility to individually integrate IT and media software solutions of your choice.

Visit us at our booth: Our product experts will tell you more about Qvest.Cloud Ultimate and it's area of application.

Join the Discussions at BroadcastAsia 2019

Join Sushant Sharma, Managing Director at Qvest Media Singapore, as he leads through the panel-discussions!

Join Sushant Sharma, Managing Director at Qvest Media Singapore, and Konstantin Knauf, Managing Director at Qvest Media Singapore, as they lead through the panel-discussions:

  • 20/06/2019 – 10.45am
    Revolutionising the Video Value Chain with “ABC” (AI, Big Data, and Cloud)
    Moderator/host: Sushant Sharma

  • 20/06/2019 – 1.40pm
    IoT Connect: How Mainstream TV Broadcasters are Adapting to Content Digital Transformation and Online Delivery?
    Moderator/host: Konstantin Knauf

About Sushant:

Having long-standing experience in online video/OTT, cloud services and digital businesses, Sushant Sharma manages Qvest Media’s overall local operations and business development in the APAC region.

About Konstantin:

Konstantin has been working for the Qvest Media for seven years, managing large infrastructure projects in Germany, the Middle East and Southeast Asia in the Consulting & Development division.