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Qvest Media at IBC Show 2017Thank you very much for your visit!

Another successful IBC has come to an end. The show offered a great opportunity to share views with you on current topics, solutions and projects. We hope you had the chance to come by and hear about recent industry trends.

Thank you for the time you spent with us in personal meetings and at our IBC Bar! We have summarized several of our highlights for you below, including a photo gallery.



IBC 2017 Cyber Security

Broadcaster and media companies in particular are required to network digitally today. To ensure a secure working environment, media companies need to follow targeted Cyber Security strategies when implementing new delivery standards or updating their broadcasting infrastructures.

Qvest Media’s new business unit QM Cyber Security helps to improve security posture, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency. Services compromise three categories, namely Consulting Services, Integration Services and Managed Services, addressing client-specific security requirements and providing comprehensive plans to deliver solutions.

In view of converging broadcasting and IT systems and the continuous rise of OTT services, Qvest Media’s integrated security concepts for the broadcasting sector compromise all areas of system security: from data centre and cloud security, to malware analysis and protection, BYOD solutions including mobile device management (MDM) and access policy management (ISE) as well as content security.


The tide of media content, such as text, image, audio, video, and metadata is rising incessantly. At the same time, new structured and semi-structured data sources are being created on a continuous basis, for example through the use of mobile devices, cloud applications, streaming media or social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Enterprise search applications and solutions for the automated aggregation and analysis of data are therefore becoming an important tool in corporate IT.

With Qvest Media's Intelligence System, billions of assets can be analysed in real time. Intelligent applications allow patterns in business models to be identified and trend forecasts to be made. This extraction of knowledge and content is also the way forward for the broadcasting industry.


IBC 2017 - IP for Broadcast

The future of modern broadcasting infrastructures is geared toward IP. With IP as a basis, traditional borders from content production to contribution, distribution and transport will fall: IP systems not only outperform the speed and resilience of traditional broadcasting standards but also enable easy integration of future technologies and capabilities without the need to renew the entire system and workflow structure. Driven by initiatives such as AIMS, manufacturers, broadcasters and organisations are creating common technological foundations to this end.

This is a development that Qvest Media, as a systems integrator, welcomes and which opens the way to harness the tremendous benefits of “IP for broadcast” for projects, infrastructures and system landscapes.

We present the current state of development, share initial project experiences from hybrid and full IP architectures and show potentials, opportunities and challenges.


The challenge of publishing ever more diverse content ever more quickly requires a radical rethink of workflows in news production. Our concept for Integrated Newsrooms brings together all stages of production from ingest to playout, to achieve a new form of seamless content collaboration.

Qvest Media shows at the Digital Tech Hub how its Integrated Newsroom approach supports media companies in creating effective digital-first workflows with deeply integrated media production chains and outlets across production platforms, content, teams, resources and planning.


IBC 2017 - Managed Technology

Media companies no longer tie up their financial resources by long-term investments but pay-as-you-go operating expenses. Some of the main reasons for this transition are the rapid change in technology and increasingly shorter product life cycles. In addition, CFOs and CIOs of media organisations see more impact to lead their budgets into investments that strengthen their core competencies such as creation, distribution and monetisation of content.

Consequently, Qvest Media’s new approach Managed Technology helps to shift CapEx investments to OpEx expenditures offering a step-by-step concept. Whether it comes to technology services and maintenance, Cloud Services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or up to Platform as Service (PaaS), Qvest Media enables customers to run their business operations at any time and lower costs. With Managed Technology media companies can focus on their core competencies by removing the burdens of selection, integration, operation, maintenance and replacement of technology.


In cooperation with Make.TV and Wildmoka, we demonstrate end-to-end cloud workflows. Make.TV present their Live Video Cloud (LVC) for news, sports, gaming and entertainment productions at our Digital Tech Hub. The automated Clip & Publish workflows of Wildmoka’s Cloud Content Creation solution allow you to massively accelerate production processes, creating more space for creativity.

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