Qvest Media @ Broadcast Asia

Qvest Media @ BROADCAST ASIA 2017May 23-25 • Stand 6N2-04 • Level 6 • Suntec Singapore

Broadcast Asia - the biggest broadcasting show of the APAC region - was a great opportunity to share and discuss our views on current topics, solutions and projects with you. We hope you had the chance to come by and hear about the latest industry trends. Media Intelligence for the analysis of media content, IP for Broadcast, OTT, Workflow Management and Managed Technology were our hot topics during this year’s Broadcast Asia. In case you were not able to attend the show, we have summarized our highlights below in a photo gallery.

Thank you for your time – whether it has been in personal meetings or at our product demonstrations at our booth! A special thanks goes to our valued customer Mediacorp for their collaboration on the joint experience tour at the Mediacorp Campus! Visitors were able to take a look around and experience first hand the visitor concept of the new campus: Mediacorp’s Operation Center, Integrated Newsroom, Channel NewsAsia Studio and Radio Facilities.

Digital Transformation on the Rise

One of the main topics are the benefits of our new media intelligence system: visitors can discover the full potential of artificial intelligence in the analysis of media content and learn about the extensive impact of digital transformation. Further, we will talk about practical experiences and future challenges in building IP-based media infrastructures. Another topic will be the shift from CapEx- to OpEx-based business models using our new managed technology approach.

Qvest Media Experience Tour @ Mediacorp


The new Mediacorp Campus – one of the most modern multi-media complexes in the entire South-East Asian region – went recently on air. In the role as consultant we were commissioned to conduct the systems design, lead the overall installation, and serve as Master Systems Integrator for the Mediacorp project.



Managed Technology Do more for less

Media companies no longer tie up their financial resources by long-term investments but pay-as-you-go operating expenses. Some of the main reasons for this transition are the rapid change in technology and increasingly shorter product life cycles. In addition, CFOs and CIOs of media organizations see more impact to lead their budgets into investments that strengthen the core competencies such as creation, distribution and monetization of content.

Consequently, Qvest Media’s new approach for Managed Technology helps to shift CapEx investments to OpEx expenditures offering a step-by-step concept. Whether it comes to technology services and maintenance, Cloud Services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or up to Platform as Service (PaaS) we enable customers to run their business operations at any time and lower costs. With Managed Technology customers can focus on their core competencies and it removes the burdens of selection, integration, operation, maintenance and replacement of technology.

IP for Broadcast Standardization proceeds

IP for broadcast

The future of modern broadcasting infrastructures lies in IP. The last twelve months have shown that the industry is talking more and more about a standard for IP broadcasting. Driven by initiatives such as AIMS, manufacturers, broadcasters and organisations are creating common technological foundations to this end.

This is a development that we, as a systems integrator, welcome and which opens the way for us to harness the tremendous benefits of “IP for broadcast” for projects, infrastructures and system landscapes. We would be delighted to offer you detailed advice on this subject at the Broadcast Asia. We would also be happy to report to you in person on our first, large IP-based broadcast reference project.

Media Intelligence Demonstrations on our stand

The tide of media content, such as text, image, audio, video, and metadata is rising incessantly. At the same time, new structured and semi-structured data sources are being created on a continuous basis, for example through the use of mobile devices, cloud applications, streaming media or social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Enterprise search applications and solutions for the automated aggregation and analysis of data are therefore becoming an important tool in corporate IT.

With media intelligence, billions of assets can be analysed in real time. Intelligent applications allow patterns in business models to be identified and trend forecasts to be made. This extraction of knowledge and content is also the way forward for the broadcasting industry. Experience how content from virtually any source can be searched for, curated, automatically clustered, tracked, and analysed at demonstrations at our trade fair stand (6N2-04).

Workflow Management & Media Logistics Everything under control

Workflow Management

The architecture of modern broadcast installations is today grouped together into a multi-tiered system of different technology layers. These are in turn equipped with IT, AV, hardware and software solutions from varying manufacturers. Consequently, the number of technologies currently being used is growing rapidly to several hundred products and solutions. In order to orchestrate the various applications, the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has evolved to become the preferred middleware solution for workflow management. This solution processes, distributes and logs all data streams.

Coupled with modern media logistics systems, which are used to manage internal and external processes, distribution, cloud services, and task and approval management, networked system landscapes have been created that offer a high degree of automation. The resulting complexity of this system can in turn be avoided through intelligent resources management. It creates the transparency needed for all technical, factual and personal resources and forms the basis for their efficient deployment. We would be delighted to demonstrate to you how the ESB concept as a workflow management engine can optimise your system landscape too, and how highly automated media logistics can be created using various reference projects.

Over-the-Top Content (OTT) Best prepared

These days, consumers expect to be able to access moving image content everywhere, at all times and through all manner of different distribution channels. Media conglomerates such as Amazon, Apple and Netflix derived business models for themselves a long time ago by offering premium content via VoD and pay-per-view platforms. So it is no surprise that the issue of OTT is becoming increasingly important in our industry. We have been looking closely at OTT over recent months. We have evaluated the opportunities and challenges of OTT services and have extended our portfolio of products and services accordingly. Beyond exisiting partnerships with major players, we have entered into a new partnership with The Platform (Comcast). We would be pleased to show you this as part of a one-to-one conversation at stand 6N2-04.