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Qvest Media @ CABSAT 2018Thanks for your visit!

Another successful CABSAT has come to an end. The show offered a great opportunity to share views with you on current topics, solutions and projects. We hope you had the chance to come by and hear about recent industry trends. 

Thank you for the time you spent with us in personal meetings! We have summarized several of our highlights for you below, including a photo gallery.

Impressions from CABSAT 2018

Our CABSAT Highlights

What if you could analyse your media assets in real-time? How secure is your broadcast IT infrastructure? And what about lowering financial risks and remain future-orientated at the same time?

At this years CABSAT you've got answers to those questions and insights to many more current topics. We showcased upcoming global technology trends such as artificial intelligence for media analysis and cloud-based playout solutions. Further, we shared first-hand information about our new business unit Cyber Security. In addition, our stand was once again the technology hub for selected partners and co-exhibitors, including eMAM, HMS, MediaGeniX, Oracle and SecurView.

With the continuous rise of OTT offers and the multi-path integration of online and social media to deliver even more consumer-targeted content, media companies need to follow dedicated cyber security strategies to prevent security breaches and protect user-relevant data.

In partnership with the cyber security specialist SecurView, our new business unit QM Cyber Security helps improve your security posture, facilitates your compliance and improves your operational efficiency. Learn more at Qvest Media's stand ZB5-B30.

Managed Technology Do more for less

Media companies no longer tie up their financial resources by long-term investments but pay-as-you-go operating expenses. Some of the main reasons for this transition are the rapid change in technology and increasingly shorter product life cycles. In addition, CFOs and CIOs of media organizations see more impact to lead their budgets into investments that strengthen the core competencies such as creation, distribution and monetization of content.

Consequently, Qvest Media’s new approach for Managed Technology helps to shift CapEx investments to OpEx expenditures offering a step-by-step concept. Whether it comes to technology services and maintenance, Cloud Services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or up to Platform as Service (PaaS) we enable customers to run their business operations at any time and lower costs. With Managed Technology customers can focus on their core competencies and it removes the burdens of selection, integration, operation, maintenance and replacement of technology.

IP for Broadcast Standardization proceeds

IP for broadcast

The future of modern broadcasting infrastructures lies in IP. The last twelve months have shown that the industry is talking more and more about a standard for IP broadcasting. Driven by initiatives such as AIMS, manufacturers, broadcasters and organisations are creating common technological foundations to this end.

This is a development that we, as a systems integrator, welcome and which opens the way for us to harness the tremendous benefits of “IP for broadcast” for projects, infrastructures and system landscapes. We would be delighted to offer you detailed advice on this subject at the Broadcast Asia. We would also be happy to report to you in person on our first, large IP-based broadcast reference project.

Artificial Intelligence Demonstrations on our stand

The tide of media content, such as text, image, audio, video, and metadata is rising incessantly. At the same time, new structured and semi-structured data sources are being created on a continuous basis, for example through the use of mobile devices, cloud applications, streaming media or social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Enterprise search applications and solutions for the automated aggregation and analysis of data are therefore becoming an important tool in corporate IT.

With media intelligence, billions of assets can be analysed in real time. Intelligent applications allow patterns in business models to be identified and trend forecasts to be made. This extraction of knowledge and content is also the way forward for the broadcasting industry. Experience how content from virtually any source can be searched for, curated, automatically clustered, tracked, and analysed at demonstrations at our stand.

Integrated Newsrooms Storytelling at the cutting edge

Integrated Newsroom

The challenge of publishing ever more diverse content ever more quickly requires a radical rethink of workflows in news production. Our concept for Integrated Newsrooms brings together all stages of production from ingest to playout, to achieve a new form of seamless content collaboration.

Qvest Media shows at the Digital Tech Hub how its Integrated Newsroom approach supports media companies in creating effective digital-first workflows with deeply integrated media production chains and outlets across production platforms, content, teams, resources and planning.

Our Exhibition Partners


Content, especially video, is the heart of modern organizations, engaging staff and customers.  eMAM enables organizations worldwide to realize the full value of their digital assets across geographic, departmental, and technological barriers.   In any number of cloud and on-premise locations and systems, authorized users have powerful tools to search, collaboratively produce, send links, deliver however needed, and manage digital assets. With numerous API integrations, eMAM can automate and streamline workflow processes.   It can easily change and scale as organizational needs may change.

More information: www.empressmam.com

HMS Workflow-Solutions

HMS provides media system solutions with precise answers to strategic questions and innovative business models. As organically grown service provider with more than 20 years of experience HMS established itself as a leading operator for integrated media ecosystems. Our core solution is the DiSA Channel-in-a-Box automation that uses a Software-Defined-Infrastructure approach for shifting important broadcast automation processes to the cloud. The service-based system includes modules like Ingest, MAM, Schedule, Playout and Distribution in a virtualized environment. It provides Multiscreen Delivery for automatic distribution of contents to external service providers like Broadcast, IPTV, OTT, HbbTV, Web and more.

More information: www.hms-dev.com

MediaGeniX Scheduling and workflow management software

Discover why numerous (public and commercial) broadcasters, international media networks, sports TV channels, telcos, and content providers worldwide have chosen MEDIAGENIX’ WHATS’ON Broadcast Management System. They maximize their content’s life cycle with this single toolset for both VOD and linear scheduling.
You can perfectly integrate your multiformat workflows, from budget plan to fully fledged playlists, and schedule your content automatically in line with rights, regulations, business rules, branding and marketing targets. All rights, restrictions and rules are verified as you schedule your content across the output platforms of your choice. Your catch-up services are driven from the linear schedules, and the reporting capabilities are nothing short of extensive.

More information: www.mediagenix.tv

Oracle Content storage Management

Oracle DIVArchive is the #1 Content Storage Management application supporting rich media workflows across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.  DIVArchive seamlessly integrates with over 150+ workflow and production-enabling software tools and supports dynamically managing assets across their lifecycle from production to archival storage.  By leveraging partial file restore capabilities, users can optimize retrieval performance while minimizing management overhead.  With the latest release of DIVArchive, users can lower storage costs by tiering data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Archive Classic Service, the lowest cost archive cloud storage.  Oracle DIVAnet provides unified management of globally distributed content across on-premise and cloud DIVArchive environments.  DIVAdirector provides a rich interface to easily locate, view and manage assets within a DIVArchive environment.

More information: www.oracle.com

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