Qvest Media @ NAB

See Qvest.Cloud at NAB Show We launched our Multicloud Management Platform

Thank you for your attendance at NAB Show 2019!Our product experts guide you through various live demos and gave insights into Qvest.Cloud. Here's what we have shown:

  • get information about Qvest.Cloud Go! – our product line-up with pre-configured and ready-to-use solutions for cloud-based-production and media systems
  • get insights on Qvest.Cloud Ultimate – our enterprise solution to map entire media infrastructures and applications with end-to-end workflows based on multicloud, on-premise or hybrid architecture models

Read on for more details!

Visit us at booth #SU9014: We'd love to meet you at NAB Show 2019.

See Qvest.Cloud in Action! Get a live Demo at our booth #SU9014

Take a closer look at Qvest.Cloud's core features. Our experts will show you how to

  • orchestrate your media workflows with speed and agility: Combine applications from a catalog of leading companies with the intuitive graphical user interface and form an agile workflow for your digital media supply chain
  • benefit from third-party connectivity: Qvest.Cloud is an open framework that offers infinite access to a continually growing number of cloud applications from the media industry
  • scale your resources dynamically: Temporarily increase, decrease or suspend your applications, services and infrastructure according to your business needs
  • plan your budget efficiently: Keep track of all incurring costs with connected applications and used cloud resources. See running costs as well as projected costs in a detailed and transparent way.

Don't miss the opportunity to get a live demo at our booth #SU9014.

Qvest.Cloud Go! Ready-to-use Packages

Make use of Qvest.Cloud Go! and start your cloud-based media production and distribution without wasting time. Qvest.Cloud Go! packages offers various ready-to-use packages with cloud applications from leading manufacturers like

  • live production
  • content aggregation
  • post-production
  • archiving
  • playout
  • disaster recovery

Qvest.Cloud Ultimate Enterprise Architecture Solution

Qvest.Cloud Ultimate

Qvest.Cloud Ultimate opens the pathway to the ecosystem of the future.

With Qvest.Cloud Ultimate you can map your media infrastructure with individual end-to-end workflows. Based on core services like orchestration, automation, monitoring and measuring, media architectures can be implemented and continually managed as multicloud, on-premise or hybrid models. Select from fully implemented applications and benefit furthermore from the possibility to individually integrate IT and media software solutions of your choice.