Freeview: qibb Online Seminar #01Learn more about qibb – the first Multicloud Management Platform for Media

Learn more about the product portfolio and the technical applications of our new multicloud management platform qibb.

Online Seminar #01: qibb - Overview and key features

In our first online seminar Ulrich Voigt gives you an overview and an introduction to the Multicloud Management Platform.

  • Date of record: May 14 2019

  • Length: 35 min.

  • Content: What's qibb? What key features does our new multicloud management platform offer - especially in the enterprise solution qibb ultimate? And when will it be available? Find out more in our first online seminar with Ulrich Voigt.

    In a demonstration, he will also showcase qibb go!, our ready-to-use package.

  • About the speaker: As Head of Design Ulrich Voigt evaluates among others the relevance and feasibility of future trends for Qvest Media and is therefore an integral part of the qibb team.

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