Whitepaper: "Simplifying Cloud Management"

White paper: Simplifying Cloud ManagementFrom the assessment to the integration - a comprehensive analysis of cloud management

Migration to the cloud offers media companies many advantages. High scalability, lower investment costs and collaborative workflows along the media supply chain are just some of the reasons for moving to the cloud. The appropriate infrastructure design - hybrid, public, private or multicloud - as well as the rapidly growing range of cloud applications and their integration, orchestration and monitoring are becoming the central challenge in setting up and operating modern and cloud-based media infrastructures.

In our white paper "Simplifying Cloud Management", we present approaches for efficient implementation of innovative media architectures in the cloud.

From the assessment to the integration

The white paper aims to provide a basic understanding of cloud management. In addition, the authors address the challenges that arise in the course of integrating cloud-native products. Qvest Media's "Cloud Consulting Framework", developed specifically for media companies, illustrates how to successfully realize the migration to the cloud.

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