Infinity Recording, storage & analysis

Infinity is a system for recording and evaluating digital audio and video data. It is suitable for both continuous recording to meet legal requirements (legal recording) and for recording, viewing and checking defined characteristics (compliance recording).

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Recording and analysis of A/V signals according to legal requirements

Long-term records

Simultaneous recording of multiple audio and video channels with individual resolutions and bit rates

Data analysis

Interpretation and analysis of recorded audio and video data

Data coding

Coding of data on the basis of application-specific requirements

Editing features

Cut and export for further use

Convenient management

Convenient options for managing and controlling records

Infinity - Workflow

Infinity - Key Features

  • Multi-Channel audio and video record
  • Simultaneous low- and high-resolution recording at different bit rates
  • Supports SDI, IP and compressed web streams
  • time-controlled recordings or long-term recordings
  • selectable burned-in time code
  • Interpretation module with pattern recognition
  • automated generation of thumbnail and proxy files
  • Online media browser for review and download

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