Fusion Simplify your Newsroom

Fusion is our manufacturer-independent „middleware“ that combines complex technical processes in the studio. These so-called bricks will be executed by the automation and editors can already considere them during planning. With that said, Fusion does not only save time and money, but also helps to keep your nerves.

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Easy Integration

Fusion is a standalone technology layer between newsroom and automation systems.

Simplify workflows

Fusion summarizes complex technical procedures in the studio and simplifies them for editors.

Speed up

Fusion minimizes the complexity and speeds up the technical program design.


Fusion supports the MOS protocol. Its SOA enables communication with editorial systems and studio automation via the REST API.

Access from anywhere

Fusion Designer and Fusion Editor are web-based applications that can be accessed from anywhere.


Fusion comes with an integrated rule engine that checks whether selected brick objects are compatible with each other.

Fusion - Workflow

Fusion - Key Features

  • SOA: Fusion supports the MOS protocol and its serviceoriented architecture allows it to communicate with newsroom systems and studio automations via web services (REST API).

  • Integration: The Fusion Editor can be displayed as a plug-in in the newsroom system. This simplifies program planning while visualizing plausibility checks at the same time.

  • Flexible programm design: Fusion allows the automatic assignment of bricking objects to stories and gives the user decision support depending on the type of story and the media objects used.

  • Access from anywhere: Fusion Designer and Fusion Editor are web-based applications that can be accessed from anywhere on the network. SSO support and LDAP integration provide the necessary access control.

  • Easy workflow: Automatic synchronization with studio automation means that changes in studio designs are immediately displayed in the Fusion Designer and can be taken into account when defining „Bricks“.

  • Failure-proof: An integrated rules engine checks whether the selected bricking objects are compatible with each other (transition check) and alerts the user in the event of an error.