Makalu Cloud-based Playout Automation

Makalu is a pure software-defined, cost effective and highly automated playout automation for broadcasters and content providers of any kind and size. It is based on a manufacturer-independent, service-oriented architecture to achieve a maximum level of flexibility and scalability and runs on most public or hosted private clouds as well as on virtualized environments.

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Worry-free solution

Makalu can be adopted to changing business requirements much faster and more cost efficient than any physical onpremise system.

Simplify deployment

No technical knowledge is required. Makalu can be deployed in a blink of an eye and is fully managed by Qvest Media.

High Scalable and OTT-ready

Makalu allows a cloud based „No-Time-To-Market“ Channel Origination for the broadcast and fastgrowing OTT market.

Individually expandable

Makalu is a modular channel-in-a-box system. Expansion modules can be added quickly and easily as required.

Permanently reliable

Makalu was designed for permanent 24/7 use.


Makalau is immediately operational. Technologies for encoding and multiplexing are already included.

Makalu - Workflow

Makalu - Key Features

  • Universally applicable: Fully IP-based workflow for multiscreen delivery (MPEG-TS / ST 2110 / OTT / IPTV / SDI)

  • Channel-in-a-Box: Channel-in-a-Box technology including subtitling, loudness control, splicing (SCTE35), MPEG-TS encoder and DVB/ATSC multiplexer

  • High performance: Real-time CPU rendered HTML5 graphics overlay and preview-based on pre-built templates.

  • Secure transmission: Supports ZIXI and SRT error protection protocol for a secure content delivery to headend or uplink station

  • Fully featured: Integrated rough and daily planning as well as media asset management with content upload and ingest, transcoding, metadata enrichment and housekeeping

  • Connectivity: Open RESTful API Interface to connect to 3rd-party applications