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Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan is a fast growing media company providing 24/7 TV playout and postproduction. The speed of growing causes issues and limitations in the existing network infrastructure. Qvest Media was assigned for network consultancy and analysis to identify bottlenecks and risk to design a new network infrastructure. Further a migration plan was developed to move all systems within the broadcast network to the new designed network without interrupting the daily business as well the 24/7 playout at Al Rayyan channels.

Based on the developed design Qvest Media installed a complete new Broadcast IT Network based on modern switch technology using Cisco Nexus 7700 as core infrastructure from wiring to switch configuration and network monitoring system.

Being well prepared the configuration and migration took place within one day and four nights without any interruption to any critical business unit or any other department at Al Rayyan. The most critical systems to be migrated have been identified as playout automation system, scheduling system, MAM, video servers and central media and archive storage including the attached editing workstations. The new infrastructure guaranties beside high bandwidth fully redundancy and is most flexible for future expansion.

Technical Information

Al Rayyan
Doha, Qatar
03/2014 – 09/2014