Shaping the Future of Singapore’s Media Landscape MEDIACORP’S HIGHTECH BROADCAST CENTRE ON AIR

Mediacorp is the leading Singapore-based media company with the widest range of media platforms, spanning digital, television, radio, print and out-of-home media with over 50 products and brands in 4 languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil). With the move to Singapore’s designated media hub Mediapolis@One-North, Mediacorp has put its newly built broadcasting and media centre for digital, TV, radio and print into operation.

To better meet consumers’ changing viewing behaviour, Mediacorp has torn down silos and established closer interoperability across its production and distribution facilities to accelerate and simplify operational workflows. Despite having versatile technology standards from almost 40 manufacturers, a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), automated end-to-end file-based workflows as well as a deep integrated enterprise orchestration layer now ensure seamless processing of the different business units via a common platform. The deep integration of all departments allow more than 1,500 people such as journalists for TV, radio, news and online as well as technical operation teams from ingest to playout to work together and share resources across the whole campus.

In less than 4 years, we realised the workflow orchestration of the technology in use, the overall design and entire system integration, including the tendering to identify the best-of-breed solutions available on the market, as well as consulting training and commissioning of the broadcast infrastructure. 

The new 79,500 m2 campus includes 6 networked TV and news studios as well as a 1,500-seat broadcast-ready theatre, 14 radio studios and about 100 editing and post-production stations across business fields, extensive online distribution and OTT services, integration of the OOH as well as the press- and publishing departments. An integrated multi-lingual newsroom on a single 3,000 m2 floor plate with 3 news studios featuring cutting-edge LED video walls and AR/VR technology as well as 4 additional flashcam positions. 

The new Mediacorp Campus is one of the most modern multi-media broadcast and media centres in the entire South-East Asian region today.

Technical Information

Singapore, Singapore
06/2013 - 05/2017