New audio setup for NDR in Hannover Qvest Media combines MAGIX Sequoia with Avid S6

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We designed a new audio concept for the radio play and features production of Norddeutschen Rundfunk (NDR) in Hannover. In the Landesfunkhaus Niedersachsen we fitted a production suite with a Avid S6 console and a DAD AX32 (MTRX) audio interface and combined the resulting setup with the MAGIX Sequoia DAW, making seamless production workflows possible.

In an integration trajectory of several months, we coordinated the realization of the project and oversaw the implementation of the hard- and software of participating contractors Avid, DAD and MAGIX. A special focus was set on establishing a future proof installation that meets the production needs of NDR. Thus, communication between the different systems was mainly achieved via IP. The whole infrastructure was  therefore designed in such way that all protocols - e.g. Dante and EuCon - seamlessly blended into the NDR-network.

Rethinking audio 

Already in the preexisting audio control room NDR, worked 'in the box'. Yet, using a Mackie HUI, they had little external, physical access to the mixdowns. With the new setup NDR’s Sequoia workstation can be operated with nearly full hardware support. The AX 32 interfaces provide the necessary audio performance. Additionally, nummerous S6 automation features like e.g. jog, shuttle, zoom and trim were added for the project. With the integration of a tailormade Sequoia App set all EuCon features can be accessed comfortably.

The integration of Sequoia and the Avid S6 console realised for NDR is unique its design. For the first time a hardware controller like the S6 can be controlled thoroughly with the Sequoia DAW. This hands experienced sound engineers a powerful tool without forcing them to abandon learned workflows and familiar user interfaces.



In addition to the Avid S6 console, we integrated a DAD developed monitor Controller to control the intercom system. The Pro | Mon Controller allows for monitor management and control of all cue mixing and talkback functions (with its PoE-enabled devices)from the control room and the two studios. All audio signals are routed using the AX32 converter and a digital matrix system developed by DAD. The router is equipped with a digital matrix with a 256 x 32 summing mixer, distributing the 528 inputs and 520 outputs of the two AX32 converters with the DADman Control Software.

NDR is using the new audio setup for its radio art and spoken word productions, especially for its “Kulturform“-, “Am morgern vorgelesen”- and “Am Abend vorgelesen”-series.

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