Start of HDTV at NDR Renewal of the NDR regional studios

Behind the scene

German public broadcaster NDR commissioned Qvest Media with the complete renewal of the studio, production and operations of the broadcasting centres in Hannover, Kiel and Schwerin, to make them fit for the era of HD by 2016. We have successfully laid the first milestone in this project with the initiation of HD production in the Landesfunkhaus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

In the newly-outfitted broadcasting studios, all operating processes of existing broadcasting components, for example mixers, video and audio routers, are now networked in one system shared by all components, which not only considerably harmonises all production steps, but also makes them faster and simpler. At the same time, our consulting team has supported NDR throughout the realisation phase of a new broadcast and IT architecture. The broadcaster was especially interested in having its production equipment efficiently networked across all workstations and units, which was the best reason for implementing a new, fully file-based HD production system.

Technical Informations

Schwerin, Germany
12/2012 - 05/2016
Integrated Solutions (Extract) Manufacturer / Supplier
HDC-2400 Camera Chains Sony
Robotic Systems and Remote Control Units Shotoku
EQX Video and Audio Router Evertz
VIP-X Multiviewer Evertz
Nexus Audio Router Salzbrenner Stagetec
AURUS Audio Mixer Salzbrenner Stagetec
VSM Control L-S-B
MVS Video Mixer Sony
Intercom System Clear-Com
Control and Near-Field Monitors Klein+Hummel
Professional Audio Control and Near-Field Monitors ADAM
Studio Monitors Geithain
HD Monitor Wall with 32 x Displays, 6 x 55“ Displays for Operation Processing