Technological new focus at rbb Building a new file-based infrastructure

rbb - File-basierte Infrastruktur

The Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (rbb) initiated the building up of a new end-to-end file-based system architecture. This will introduce a considerable paradigm shift regarding rbb's infrastructre. Over the coming months rbb’s Potsdam studios will be transformed by Qvest Media into one of the most modern TV production platforms in Germany, based on highly efficient workflows and broadcast IT systems.

Implementation of the new infrastructure will be divided into the areas of ingest, media asset management (MAM), production, outgest, editorial and network technology. For the technical realization of the project, we will implement, among others, a central MAM system for ensuring collaborative workflows and production processes across all functions. In a further stage of the contract, centralized ingest and outgest, central archiving and video and audio postproduction will be merged by system components into a closely interlinked, file-based infrastructure.

At the same time, rbb also counts on the know-how of Qvest Media regarding technical service and support. In the framework of a six-year service agreement, the service team of our Berlin office will take charge of ongoing services and maintenance management at the new production infrastructure of rbb with a portfolio of specially-tailored support services.

Technical Informations

Potsdam/Berlin, Germany
03/2014 - 12/2015
Integrated Solutions (Extract) Manufacturer / Supplier
Media Asset Management System VPMS with a guaranteed Capacity for 100 Concurrent Clients arvato Systems
Integrated Interplay PAM and VPMS Production Workflows Avid
Integration of Pro Tools HD and Fairlight Audio Editing Systems with VPMS Avid
Isilon with 7 x S200 Nodes, 184 TB RAW EMC
3 x XS 4-Channel Video Servers for Ingest und Outgest EVS
10 x XTAccess EVS
Interplay Upgrade from single Interplay Engine to clustered Interplay Engine Avid
3 x ISIS 7000 Storage 64 TB Chassis with one additional ISIS 7500 64 TB Chassis Avid
6 x Media Composer Nitris AVC-I Avid
AVC-I 1080i50 Transcoding AmberFin
Customised interface arvato Systems, Annova
Overall Network Configuration of the entire Tapeless Production Environment
2 x Blade Centers with 16 Blades each Hewlett Packard
Finecut Furniture from our Company Group