Technical Evaluation for Replacement of Existing Storage System at SES Technical evaluation and procurement of a new storage system

SES - Storage Systeme

To optimize the total cost of ownership and to improve operational safety, Qvest Media was selected to work out a TCO analysis and compare several storage systems (EMC Isilon, IBM GPFS, Quantum Stornext). The analysis was made with a focus on technical, administrative and maintenance aspects of the system with the goal for SES to decide for a new investment. The analysis of the technical parameters included amongst other things a comparison of storage file systems and storage efficiency and performance, storage backend communication technology as well as front site communication, file layout and file protection level and security, file sharing protocols and tape library connectivity.

We were also responsible for planning and execution of a technical test with an EMC Isilon system at the customer facility. In the end the customer decided to replace the existing GPFS system with Isilon and Qvest Media was appointed to deliver and put into operation the new NAS based storage cluster and also to be responsible for 24/7 support.

Technical Informations

SES Platform Services
Munich, Germany
10/2014 - 02/2015
Integrated Solutions (Extract) Manufacturer / Supplier
Test16 x X400 Isilon Nodes with 66TB SATA HDDs, 1.2TB SSD, 48GB RAM EMC
2 x 18port Infiniband Switches for Backend
Analytics platform InsightIQ
Backup and recovery functionality SnapshotIQ
Optimize performance and availability SmartConnect Advanced
Replication between all sides SyncIQ
Central management for different storage platforms Smartpools
Storage quota management SmartQuotas
Hardware and Software enhanced Support for 3 years