New Storage Systems Consolidation of Office-IT and Broadcast-IT

Exabytes, Zettabytes, Yottabytes: Due to the worldwide hunger for data, storage needs are doubling every two years. This is an issue that affects television broadcasters too. Increasingly large volumes of data in increasingly higher resolution must be processed, stored and archived by media houses for their productions. As a result, there is a need for high-performance storage concepts, with rapid reading and writing speeds and maximal redundancy, as well as a high storage volume. Thanks to our expertise in system planning, we are able to develop and implement these types of future-orientated system architectures for highly complex corporate-IT and broadcast-IT projects. This is why the German broadcaster Südwestrundfunk entrusted us with the task of modernising its data infrastructure.

The TV station is one of the first in Germany to link its data from office-IT and broadcast-IT on a uniform storage platform. The required integration of Isilon® Scale-out storage solutions from the manufacturer EMC at its Stuttgart, Baden-Baden and Mainz locations was implemented by our IT-specialists. The result is a future-orientated and high-performing data infrastructure for digital content workflows. The new architecture offers professional storage management with high user-friendliness and combines scalability, efficiency and reduced costs in one system.

In order to ensure maximum data security, the three Isilon grid systems in Stuttgart, Baden-Baden and Mainz form a replication triangle, with the data mirrored by means of SyncIQ on an Isilon storage system at another of the three main locations. Therefore, the new storage platform at SWR not only meets the highest performance and scaling requirements, but also provides the highest degree of data security with efficient usage of the nodes.

Technical Informations

SWR Logo
Stuttgart/Baden-Baden/Mainz, Deutschland
04/2014 - 04/2019
Integrated Solutions (Extract) Manufacturer / Supplier
15 x EMC Isilon X410 Nodes with 128TB SATA-HDD, 3.2TB SSD, 256GB RAM
6 x 36 Port Mellanox Infiniband Switches
3 Clusters located on three locations (Stuttgart, Baden-Baden, Mainz)
Analytics platform InsightIQ
Backup and recovery functionality SnapshotIQ
Optimize performance and availability SmartConnect Advanced
Replication between all sides SyncIQ
Central management for different storage platforms Smartpools
Storage quota management SmartQuotas
Hardware and Software enhanced Support for 5 years
Integration of 12 x existing X200 nodes
Bandwidth between 23.2 – 35.2 Gbit write and 25.6 – 38.4 Gbit read Contact