Business Migration Strategy and Software Replacement Turner Nordic replacement of scheduling system

The overall scope was the evaluation and formulation of reasonable strategies for the replacement of the iCM broadcast scheduling system at Turner Nordic with Harris Vision and the creation of a detailed implementation plan for the desired strategy. The reason for this initiative was the end-of-life situation of the current traffic system named iCM end of year 2014 at Turner Nordic (Sweden) as well as the intention of migrating the Turner Nordic business to the Turner Europe business workflows.

Evaluation means a detailed analysis of the current business workflows within Turner Nordic in conjunction with their partner Levira and Turner London. Communication flow and information exchange between all involved parties and software applications have been gathered and documented. The formulation of strategies was done based on the evaluation results and considers a clear documentation and illustration of reasonable proceedings for replacing iCM. Turner has been enabled to make a meaningful decision on the migration strategy to follow.

The agreed strategy was the basis for the detailed implementation plan and has qualified Turner to perform this business migration project.

Technical Information

Turner Broadcasting System
Turner Broadcasting System
Stockholm, Sweden
08/2012 - 02/2013
Integrated Solutions (Extract) Manufacturer / Supplier
Scheduling System iCM
Scheduling System Harris Vision
Turner Development for Workflow and Information Management XEN
AdSales Harris Landmark
Ingest and Media Asset Management TDM MediaFlex
Non linear distribution Nonlinear Dynamics Progenesis CoMet
Automation Technologies Oasis
Ingest System AmberFin
Finance Oracle PeopleSoft
File Transfer Signiant
File Transfer Aspera